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Why does Amazon return your packages?

How to deal with these returned packages?

Is the number of returned packages equal to the number of cancelled orders on Amazon?


The CCS overseas warehouse team gathered some ideas to help answer those questions:

1. Too many Amazon buyers dislike your products, so your Amazon account is forced to shut down.

2. LISTING is not qualified

3. Infringement Act

4. Packaging damaged, cannot go into the FBA stock


The fact is, most of these returned goods can be resold if they received a new package and a new label.


Some sellers meet account problems, like the account being shut down. In this case, sellers can apply for a new account and re-package those returned goods with a new label, and sell them in the new account.

Many Amazon online retailers are from China, and their factories or companies are located in China as well. Assuming they do not have any oversea warehouses, if their customers want to return a package, they may not ask their customers to ship it back in order to save on Amazon FBA storage fees. However, if you choose our services, your buyers can ship the returned goods to our warehouses and we will help you make a new label and re-package it. Our storage fee is also much lower than FBA.

Recently, the CCS overseas warehouse platform launched a new function, where you can submit your returned orders online. You will have the opportunity to control what needs to be done to that returned package. Our options currently include re-labeling, re-packaging, storage, and transfer into FBA or another warehouse. We are always open to our customer¡¯s needs. If the option you need is not listed, please feel free to call our customer service.

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